We’re One of a Kind

Since we focus around the original traditions and strive to carry over a 500-year-old delicacy to the US, we’re positive we have something going for us! Piadina Café has a non-existing competition which is why we have the prime opportunity to get on board with our cutting-edge brand. Our authentic cuisine honors the Italian culture that is missing in today’s US food service industry. We have already started to create a new mark on the map, we’ve got the exclusiveness everyone doesn’t know they’ve been waiting for

Our Culture

We value our customers just as we value our brand and we want to develop a team that feels the same. Appreciation for the quality and effort in our brand’s goals is important, just as important as the service behind it. We only want team members that understands our approach and feel strongly that this works! Our pride weighs heavily on our tradition, unique qualities, and persistence behind our passionate brand. We believe that value is what matters. So is the value of your future with us.

The Market & Why Traditions Matter

While Piadina Café has been up and running since 2014, we’ve developed an understand of the market and what is M.I.A. overall. We have the missing piece that will connect the dots between our brand and our new customer base in the US. Through persistence, lots of time, and passion we developed our standards to where they are now and it takes just as much to keep them! Piadina Café sets the pace for our niche market and is dedicated to gain the recognition in this industry…so far, our model is doing big things. We are offering an opportunity to join our fast-growing brand and to trust that we have the components for a successful future! Our menu offers variety in conjunction with traditional recipes that have worked and continue to work. There is no doubting that. Have a taste for yourself!

There Are a Latte Benefits with Us

Italy is the home of over 1,000 piadineria, while small, are enjoyed by many. We can create this neighborhood favorite and introduce a new eatery for people to enjoy. Being the very first to do so, we open the doors to a whole palette of growth waiting for you. Since we have a variety of menu items from breakfast, to lunch, and even specialty coffee, our customer base is always expanding. We’ve covered all the bases to ensure a well-balanced business, just as our menu reflects. Creating the perfect base for a successful brand. Our years of experience have only done us good so far and we are ready to extend our family with you. Investing in Piadina Café will help you achieve your goals and help you become your own boss!