Experience the Flavor

On every corner in Italy, you will find Piadina featured wherever you turn. We offer the same experience here in the US without having to travel for the experience! Piadina is a think, flaky flatbread that has been a perfect recipe originating all the way from the Emilia-Romagna region. The unique and flavorful possibilities of recipes this dish creates, we have decided to introduce this as a featured item at Piadina Café. It wouldn’t make sense to call us Piadina Café, without serving the famous Piadina now, would it? We are confident in our growth and success since we are the first to bring this to the tables of the US. We’ll be feeding the curiosity of our customers with the delicious recipes we know true and well.

We feel very strongly about the passion that our team possesses for our brand and services and encourage you to see for yourself. We pride ourselves on our developed customer base and strive to grow as a family. Essentially, we have become a perfect place to combine amazing quality food with the enjoyment of gathering with friends and family. Our team strives to provide our customers with the quality service and care they deserve. Our menu and recipes speak for themselves. Whether you a unique coffee or specialty caffeine boost, a bite to eat, or a new adventure for your foodie checklist, we have you covered. You won’t regret it and neither will your taste buds!